Most Luxurious Hotels in Southern California

One of the most troubling parts of preparing for a vacation is planning the accommodation. Certain things have to be taken into consideration with the most important one being comforted. To get the perfect luxury vacation relaxation spot, this does not require looking afar especially if the location in consideration is Southern California.

For people who have had bad experiences in hotels that do not offer comfortable surroundings during the course of the vacation, this actually causes a damper on the joy that should have
been felt. They end up making the vacation unenjoyable so you had better be better prepared to avoid this in future. The right hotel should portray and strengthen the feeling of being pampered and swept away in luxury but the wrong one put an end to any hope of rest or relaxation you might have been looking forward to.

To better prepare you for that next trip to Southern California, the following hotels should serve as good places to rest and relax during the course of the vacation:

The Peninsula, Beverly Hills

This luxury hotel is a favorite for both professionals and travelers as it is known for truly pampering guests. Reservations can be made prior to arrival at the hotel and the room can be checked into immediately on arrival.

Even if you are a tourist who leaves the hotel by 10 pm, the hotel allows for you to stay there until the last minute as well as check out when convenient. The hotel provided different suites for guests and offers features like large marble bathrooms, HD TVs, top class spa and sumptuous delicacies from professional chefs.

Hotel Bel-Air

This hotel happens to be one of the prestigious members of the Dorchester Hotel collection. Located in the city of Los Angeles, Hotel Bel-Air exudes beauty and provides a welcoming environment to unwind and let go. The hotel covers 12 acres in the Bel-Air neighborhood with its architecture modeled towards 20th-century glamor.

The buildings comprise of wide terraces, striking gazebos, a swan lake themed garden and a beautiful view of the sunset. The in-house spas and courtyards make it a place that yo never want to leave. Other features in the 45 suites and 59 guest rooms include amenities equipped to function with technology, in-room iPads, and savvy décor.

Fairmont Grand Del Mar

Located at a 20-mile distance away from the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve in San Diego, what the Fairmont Grand Del Mar offers is different from that of its competitors. With the coast of California at the doorstep of its guests, luxury is something that is screamed as soon as the front gates are opened.

One thing guests admire about the hotel is the fact that the rooms are very spacious allowing for easy stretching of the legs. The rooms have deep soaking tubs made from marble with the 22,000 square ft. spa available for use. Other features include several swimming pools, a golf course designed by the legendary Tom Fazio and the restaurant Addison and Amaya serving world class cuisines.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who lives in Los Angeles, these beautiful hotels would make for an incredible staycation. If you’re passing by Los Angeles or San Diego, these hotels would perfectly complement a relaxing and energizing vacation as well. After all, there’s never a dull moment in the City of Angels.

Luxury Vacation Homes in Southern California

Southern California is the Capital of the rich and famous. Home to Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla, and so many more luxurious, high-end neighborhoods. Owning a home within this region is a dream come true for most, let alone owning a vacation home.

The Exclusive The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe

While traveling through Southern France I met a very amicable woman. We were both dining
alone, and we ended up sharing a few bottles of wine and we chatted for quite some time. We were enchanted by each other, and I’m very happy to call her a mentor today.

She happened to own a house in Rancho Santa Fe, and invited me there for the Summer. I had never heard of this place, but wow was I in for a Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Style Homesurprise. I arrive and took my rental car to her address, and at first I thought I was in the wrong place because it was just so beautiful. I mean, Rancho Santa Fe is the ultimate place to aspire to live in. It was just so beautiful.

S, my friend, took me through her magnificent abode, and gave me a thorough tour of her gorgeous city. It truly was an amazing experience living under such lavish conditions for a month.

I had a very nice chance to meet with K. Ann Brizolis, a Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate agent who explained to me the history of the city. She was very knowledgeable and even offered to help me find a house when I was ready. Obviously that was a joke because to own some of these lavish luxury homes you need some real cash. At most, I could probably rent a guest house. It was a fun and interesting conversation. At Rancho Santa Fe they truly care about their community and that was such a warm thing to see.

Beverly Hills & Los Angeles

After my month at Rancho Santa Fe was up, I drove up to Los Angeles to see the famous 90210 city. I mean, I was so close, I decided to drive the 4 hours North to see what this globally famous city was all about.

It was surprising to meet some very interesting and diverse group of people. Fortunately I did not encounter too many materialistic and rude people. Those that were rude were not true Angelinos, so that made me feel a bit better. Strollingthrough the streets of Melrose and Sunset I was enchanted by all the interesting stores and people.Los Angeles

The nightlife varied drastically depending on where you were. Beverly Hills is not too fun at night since most bars and happening locales are located outside of it, unless you opt to go to a hotel bar. Regardless, I was able to experience the very posh Soho House, a chic bar in Santa Monica, the most outrageous gay club in West Hollywood were I had the time of my life, and a very hippie vibe lounge in Los Feliz.

I know in the future I will want to live in Los Angeles for a few years, as it was such an amazing experience. I mean this trip was overall one of the best trips I have done by myself in a long time. I usually don’t travel alone, but traveling alone this time was an eye-opening experience and allowed me to step out of my comfort zone.

Top European Luxury Resorts


The myriad of luxury hotels around the world is indescribable. That is why today we will only focus in one continent, Europe. Although Europe brims with beautiful hotels and resorts, there are a few that stand out. With incredible beaches, mountain ranges, and historic cities, Europe is a place that is like no other.

Jumping on a plane and flying from 30 minutes to an hour can take you to a completely different climate, region, and culture. Europe truly is a delight, for its smaller size, and varying degrees of climate, topography, and the drastic changes that each culture has.

Below Pierce Morgan dives into some of the most prestigious and posh resorts within Europe.