About Us

My Hotel’s in Turkey was started by 6 friends who love to travel. While on one of our group trips we met a very interesting and wise drunk man, in the middle of the day might I add, who gave each of us an accurate description of our personality. He had only talked to us for roughly 5 minutes before he switched to “person reader” mode.

The most entertaining thing about this man was that he would sporadically say “My Hotels in Turkey.” He made such an impression that it is now a sort of comic inside joke for us. So in honor of our wise drunk friend, we decided to name this blog after his favorite phrase.

We will write about the trips we have each been on, the trips we want to go on, and anything else related to travel, including luxury vacation homes and so on. Now that we are getting older, and more advanced within our own careers, and not the broke college friends we were 15 years ago, we like to travel in style. So we will also talk about any vacation home investments we have done and locations we would love to inhabit at some point in our lives.


The Traveling 6